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Company Overview

Business Overview:

Tissue papers play a vital role in improving hygiene, convenience, and comfort in our society. They are easy to carry and important, as they help to stop an infectious disease or illness. Tissue papers are eco-friendly and sustainable. But what if we can choose our tissue papers according to our needs and wants? Here is everything that you need to know about us!

SORBTM brand tissues were established in 2019, to provide the service of safe and reliable tissue papers to our customers. We have a unique collection of attractive tissue paper designs and packing. Our beautiful designs are making their special way in the Pakistani market that now we have 6 best articles of kid’s tissue paper boxes. We believe that tissues are important for kids to maintain their hygiene and health. Kids are sensitive and need proper care and attention. That’s why we encouraged the children to use tissue papers for cleanliness purpose, by creating special designs and styles for them. Our attractive designs are famous all over Pakistan as we are the only company with versatile designs and color.

Our tissue collection consists of various beautiful and attractive designs. We understand the customer’s needs, that using just an ordinary tissue paper for every use is boring for them. The world is changing so is everything. Nowadays, monotonous designs and colors are not preferable and demanded. Considering the people’s choice, we managed to work on making versatile designs and packing in order to meet your demands and to add extra your every event. 

SORBTM brand tissues not only cares for their customers but also for the environment. Our tissues are light weight, biodegradable, and recycle able. It doesn’t contain ingredients that can cause damage to insects or other species.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    SORBTM delivers premium quality tissues to its customers to provide them a soothing touch with its soft feel. We fulfill all the requirements of Pakistani standards in such a way that our quality is never comprised. We believe to maintain the quality more than the quantity. This is the reason that our tissue paper boxes stand 1st in people’s preferences. Furthermore, we always try to maintain the quality with upcoming trends and follow all the requirements and conditions of a friendly tissue paper.

  • Hard Working Team

    SORBTM not only works for making ordinary tissue papers but our hard-working team members also worked to ensure its features with its continuous check and balance so that our lovely customers won’t get any allergic or bacterial reaction by using it. Our collection is unique and friendly for its customers. Our excellent collections of tissues are free from any kind of harsh chemicals or bleaches. Our main motive is to design such tissue papers that fulfils the customer’s requirements according to their needs, occasions, and events. You can easily use our tissues for wiping your nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and crying, etc. It is safe to use for your face, mouth, and other areas of skin and will not cause any harm to it.

  • Variety Of Tissue

    SORBTM brand tissues deliver wide variety of tissue range to mark a special influence on your event. Whether it’s your child’s birthday where you need tissue papers of cartoon theme, or your child favorite character, or a wedding event where you need some bold colors or designs, we have different styles of tissue papers according to your desires. From pocket tissues to kids range we also deliver simple tissues, flavored tissues, ornament type, perfume tissues and wipe up etc.